May the women spiritual leaders you meet at this web site inspire you to imagine a world where creation, nurturance, cooperation, and tenderness prevail; competition, challenge, and conquest are distant memories. Theirs is a holy sisterhood that reveals the other face of God, the feminine divine in living, breathing form. May their service inspire you to keep on living and loving, no matter what. Be sure to check out the News page to see what these remarkable women are currently doing-June 1, 2009.
Peace and Blessings, Rabbi Malka Drucker, author of White Fire: A Portrait of Women Spiritual Leaders in America

NEW–Video clips of:
The Reverend Helen Cohen
The Reverend Doctor Cheryl A. Kirk-Duggan
The Reverend Sandy Gess
Joan Halifax Roshi
Luisah Teish

NEWS-Rabbi Malka Drucker is the recipient of the New Mexico Book Awards 2009 with two books:
Portraits of Jewish-American Heroes, WINNER-Juvenile Book and Finalist, Religious Book.
Women and Judaism-Finalist, Religious Book

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GROWING A HEART OF WISDOM: THE PATH OF THE SAGE, Kol Nidre 5770. I've waited until Kol Nidre, the highest and deepest night of the year, to talk about a new way understand our lives and our relationships to the generations before and after us.

WHY ISRAEL, Rosh Hashanah Morning 5770 When I began to think about the future of Judaism, I asked friends what came to mind for them.... I'm going to tell you about the Israel I love and why I see it as key to the future of Judaism.

THE BEST NEWS IN JUDAISM TODAY: JEWISH RENEWAL, Erev Rosh Hashanah 5770 ... it's important to remember that Judaism is still here because it's been elastic enough to grow and learn how to remain potent for each generation.

JUST RELEASED! Women and Judaism, edited by Malka Drucker. What makes this volume unique is its expansive vision of women and Judaism. It offers fresh and audacious understandings of sacred text, old and new rituals that celebrates the power of the feminine, and a look at how Jewish women today are enlivening their ancient tradition. Read more

Malka Drucker speaks about White Fire. You will have a better video experience if you let the movie download a third or more before playing. Current quicktime player needed to see this movie. Free download available at:

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